Nail Care Services


14 day lasting gel polish. We use Japanese soft gels that have a much deeper pigmentation and explosive rich color.

Gel Polish Manicure 49

Gel Polish Pedicure 70
+removal 15


Need length or just a way to help strengthen your natural nails? Our hard gel nails are created with liquid, not powder and can add length to your natural nails, even if you're a nail biter. It has the consistency of honey and can overlay on top of your natural nails or sculpted to create length beyond the free edge. Liquid hard gels gives your nails flexibility and strength, and does not look like an artificial nail. Not thick. Sign up for Gel Membership and get unlimited services for 1 flat price.

FILLS - length Regular (R) | Long (L) | Extra long (XL)
Gel Fill 60 | 75 | 89

Repairs 15 | 20 | 25 per nail

FULL SETS - length Regular (R) | Long (L) | Extra long (XL)

Overlay 89 | 115 | 125


Find inspiration? email or text us at 206.361.988 a photo and we'll get you pricing.

About $1 a minute for labor. Plus retail product.​


Our custom made pedicure benches have non-pipeless jets which are more sanitary. We also use hospital grade disinfectant after each guest to clean our glass bowls. We use rose oil (pure oils and no synthetic fillers), homemade organic scrubs, homemade detox foot soak as well as organic lotion on your feet/legs. To finish we use our 6-Free, Vegan, cruelty free nail polish line that dries quickly in 5 minutes without the use of UV or LED light.

Express 45

Signature 55

Spa 64


Non-toxic and long lasting manicure by using our 6-Free and Vegan nail polish line by Dazzle Dry. Quick-drying in just 5 minutes without the use of UV or LED light.

Express 39

Signature 49

Spa 55